Joe The Plumber Disses McCain


The biggest embarrassment to John McCain‘s campaign so far–except for the existence of Sarah Palin–happened when he shouted out to Joe The Plumber at a rally in Ohio today and was greeted by deafening silence. Because Joe hadn’t bothered to show up! Is the guy tired of shilling for McCain, annoyed at being used as a pawn to promote four more years of bad Republican economics? Or was he just busy fixing somebody’s toilet?

I don’t know, but McCain was fast on his feet, glossing over the absence by telling the crowd, “You are all Joe the Plumbers!” A good save–but I really happen to resent it a lot. I wasn’t there–and would never have been so unless there was a free buffet–but I still don’t care for the idea that any American out there is just another low-level mechanic with special needs. I happen to be “Mike The Gay Gossip Columnist!” I go to Broadway shows, fashion events, and after parties and am showered on a nightly basis with all kinds of gift bags and adulation. So Mr. wannabe President, don’t tell ME I’m basically Joe the fucking Plumber! Even HE’S not Joe the plumber. His name is Sam and he’s not licensed.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on October 30, 2008

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