Mark 2009 With Hustlers!


Yes, you can have a male escort every month–on the pages of the calendar, that is. In reality, you can have one every five minutes, for all I care. But if you simply want their pictorial representations on a monthly basis, get the Men of 2009 Calendar–photographed by Dick Mitchell–for only $15.95. (That’s even cheaper than the box of mints you generally have to leave on the nightstand as their parting gift). You can usher in the seasons with this serendipitous parade of pecs, dicks, and puckered anuses welcoming the march of time with a smile!

The calendar, says the description, features “famous porn stars, hustlers, streetwalkers, flesh-peddlers, and boyfriends for hire.” (That’s every type of person I know! No, wait–they didn’t mention sluts.) We’re talking everyone from Diesel Washington to Cory Koons, picturesquely draped in locales from the backs of limos to the fronts of pool tables. “Hunting for the perfect location was an adventure in itself,” says the release, “where the models and photographer pushed the limits of outrageous poses permitted in public places.” Well, thanks to their public whoring, you can have some private adoring–while also checking to see which holiday falls between which guys’ legs. So let’s bring in a whole new economy by embracing some of the hardest working entrepreneurs in town!