Phillies Win Series: Riot Delayed (Updated)


It’s been over an hour since the Phillies beat the Rays in the (remainder of the) fifth and deciding demi-game of the World Series, but there are no reports of cars being overturned or trash cans being set on fire, or vice versa. This is not the Philly we know! Citizens of Philadelphia, think of all those hours of emergency room and police training going to waste!

This brutal peace can’t last. For our readers in the City of Bro-Love, the Sporting News blog provides a Survival Guide. “Avoid crowds, stay aware at all times, and ditch any NY Giants insignia you may be wearing” is the gist.

Update: “Fans swarmed a fire truck and a Channel 3 news van near City Hall, and some overturned a green Ford Explorer outside Citizens Bank Park. Scattered celebratory gunfire was heard. But the fans, it seemed, were too relieved and too buoyant to do much damage.” Also, “police appeared to exercise real restraint, overlooking minor vandalism and plenty of public drinking.” Philly, you do rock.