Rightbloggers Pay Solemn Tribute to HuffPo Writer’s Murder/Suicide


By now you’ve heard the sad story of Huffington Post Carol Anne Burger, who stabbed her lover Jessica Kalish to death, then shot herself. But what we’re sure you really want to know is: what do the yahoos think about it? Confederate Yankee writes, “I wonder how much eight years of the self-induced hysteria we know as ‘Bush Derangement Syndrome’ and the requisite feelings of impotent rage and looming oppression fed into her existing problems.”

Elsewhere in the rightblogger universe: “It should be noted that Donald Young was another homosexual voter and intimate of Barack Obama whose case is still unsolved by Chicago Police,” speculates Lame Cherry. “I guess unlike the gal who in Pittsburgh who had her face carved on in a tale that is still not being fully told, that the Florida Police didn’t have to hook up Ms. Burger to a lie detector…”

“It should be noted that anyone refusing to live in accord with their nature as a human being will develop a devestating kind of loneliness, just like these women did, because they are detached from reality,” says Young Conservatives of California. “What is a liberal who writes for the Huffington Post doing with a gun anyway?” asks Fred Hoot. “The liberals are generally gun-banners.” “What a hack. [Heh. Heh, heh!]” adds rogue wavelength.

At this moment, as at every moment, some rightblogger is writing about how intolerant liberals are.