Activists Accept Denis Leary’s Autism Apology, Publish Offensive Material


Activists were mad about the section of Denis Leary’s book Why We Suck that made fun of autistic children, whom he labeled “junior morons.” Most of the flak involved the Autism Society of America. Today Autism United spokesman and “fellow comedian” Mark Anthony Ramirez says his group has accepted Leary’s October 15 apology, but still has conditions: they want him to either donate some proceeds from his book sales to autistic children, or “delete the chapter that targets autism,” presumably by going around to bookstores and ripping pages out. Despite the group’s anger at the material, Autism United is publishing the whole offensive chapter online as “fair use” (hey, that’s our racket too!) for “purposes of education, criticism and comment.” So if you get one of Leary’s torn-up copies, you can still read the whole thing. It’s win-win!