Cop Indicted for Kidnap, Torture, Dealing


More bad cop news: Officer Jorge Arbaje-Diaz is indicted for shakedowns in which he and his co-conspirators would “kidnap, torture, and rob the families of other known drug traffickers” and demand cocaine and cash as ransom. The cocaine was then sold in New York by the perps.

The Daily News says that in the course of their 100-plus capers, the crew sometimes “wore flak jackets and flashed badges, occasionally pulling their victims’ cars over in police-style traffic stops” to apprehend their targets.

So far Thee Rant posters are running true to form. “And which island did the good officer hail from?” asks bxnarcorgr. “Another triumph for Applicant Processing… Since the job has been targetting their recruitment efforts on narcotic sets throughout the 5 boros, what kind of shyt do you expect to be hired?”