Obama’s Last Licks: Throw Wingnuts From the Plane


In the final days of the 2008 Presidential Camapign, Obama is already acting Presidential: he’s throwing reporters off his plane. Correspondents from the Moonie-owned Washington Times, the Murdoch-owned New York Post, and the Rod Dreher-employing Dallas Morning News, all of whose publications have endorsed McCain, were told that “space had run out” on the sole Obama campaign jet.

The Times says it will “fly commercial” to give readers the Obama coverage to which they are accustomed. DMN admits that “we’ve had the same trouble with the McCain campaign” in the past, but complains that Obama has recently “given ‘exclusive’ interviews to Jon Stewart, Rachel Maddow and Mario Lopez,” and plans to keep shadowing Obama by methods undescribed. The Post says “Obama’s tax program pursues a foolhardy goal — redistribution for its own sake — in an unworkable manner.” (Oops, sorry, that was from an Op-Ed; with the Post we frequently can’t tell the difference.)