Who Are The Most Underrated Movie Stars?


I can answer that! Just off the top of my head…

(1) Toni Collette. She always brings a deep-rooted sense of integrity to her work. Superstardom has only evaded her because she has so much range that people can’t peg her that easily. Bonus points for being nice.

(2) Jennifer Jason Leigh. She goes to dark places with her characters and always finds something riveting there. The woman doesn’t pander, which may be why she’s never been Oscar nominated.

(3) Angelina Jolie. Yes, she did win a supporting Oscar, but since then, she’s been considered too much of a tabloid star (and action hero) to be taken too seriously. But in Changeling, she totally delivers, even if her lips aren’t all that 1920s.

(4) Dakota Fanning. Far from just another robo-child star, she’s a super talent who can elevate just about any crap with her amazing instincts. Let’s make her the president of SAG.

(5) Just to throw in a guy here, let me add….Nah. Can’t think of any. Men seem to get their props in Hollywood–not to mention more money for the same amount of work. God, men are pigs!