Operation Rescue NY Event Cancelled, America Media “Finished”


Operation Rescue has announced “Main Street Protests” across the country today to proclaim that “Our Main Street” is “not Marxist,” whereas “Obama’s Main Street crosses the River Styx!” and “is Paved with the Blood of Babies!” We saw that such a protest was planned for New York, NY today so we called press contact and local pro-life activist leader Chris Slattery to get the details.

“We decided not to do it,” Slattery told us. “It was going to be in White Plains, anyway.” He said he’d held a rally in front of Obama headquarters last Thursday and no reporters showed up, so why bother. He also informed us that “the American media is finished” and “will never restore the respect of the American people for their incredible bias from day one,” and that, despite being finished, the media had “seduced” said people into voting for Obama, whose election Slattery seemed to consider inevitable.