TV on the Radio: Bad Lyrics, Good Writing


Made this observation before, but one way you know you’ve got a meaningful record on your hands is that people start doing some meaningful writing about it. Hence this year’s Carter III convo at Blender.

At the moment, I’m reading TV on the Radio reviews way more than I’m listening to Dear Science, but mostly that’s because at least a couple of writers—Weingarten, and now Robert Christgau—have written two of the better reviews I’ve read in months about it: no small feat. Christgau’s is in his newly released November Consumer Guide; since the guy uses compression, it’s hardly fair to quote, so how about this joke instead, hiding out over in Honorable Mentions?

“Murs for President” (Reprise)
How about vice principal of a small Afrocentric high school? (“The Science,” “You Think You Know Me”).