Where Should We Tell Sarah Palin To Go?


I know that a defeated Sarah Palin will be welcomed back to her governorship of Alaska tomorrow night–maybe–but if THEY reject her too, where should we tell the illustrious Caribou Barbie to go? I have (surprise) a few ideas:

*QVC. Duh.

*The set of 30-Rock. She can be Tina Fey‘s body double, a job she was born for (though Fey does Palin much better than Palin does). And we should rub the humiliation in her face by renaming the show 30-Barack!

*Lenscrafters. She’d be a great store model or maybe even cashier. At least behind a register, she could learn more about the economy.

*Various charities around the country where bit by bit, she can drop off her $150,000 worth of clothes.

*A nunnery. At least maybe she’d stop procreating.

*Hell in a handbasket. Bingo!