Anchoress Compares Democratic Victory to the Holocaust


The Anchoress, a make-believe nun and tireless agitator for Jesus and rightwing politics, counsels her trembling flock at a difficult time. “We all want what we want out of this election,” she begins soothingly. “Yes, things seem chaotic” — translation: promising for Democrats — “but there are always angels in the whirlwind.”

What the St. Pauligirl does that mean? The Anchoress explicates: “Someone wrote early this morning, saying that she took comfort in Genesis 18, wherein we see the Lord telling Abraham he’ll spare Sodom and Gomorrah if he found ten just people there. ‘We have a lot more than ten just people’ in America, this person wrote. Yes. But then, there were more than ten just people in the Nazi concentration camps, yet six million Jews were slaughtered.”

Clearly the Anchoress is asking her followers to steel themselves for extermination by Obama’s Black Panthers. Think how relieved and grateful they’ll be when we merely tax their asses off and make them get gay married!