Another Free iTunes Single of the Week: Beast’s “Mr. Hurricane”


Last week’s prediction: Election special?

Very, very little information about this band Beast anywhere online, just a hazy MySpace ‘About’ that appears to be written in what James Wood would call ‘Verbage’—After having wonderfully performed on the 2004 Oscar Winner Sound Track – The Triplettes de Belleville – Betty has joined since then her voice and her songwriter skills to Dj Champion to create, once again, a major impact on the local, national and international music industry.


So Beast are from Montreal, I think. There are two of them. “Mr. Hurricane” underbites its way down a path somewhere on the white-soul Lidell continuum, doing those kind of domesticated Birthday Party guitar jabs—a la, say, Cake. Another blogger points to Moby—which I get, for the bridge’s gospel histrionics. The song seems to be having the interesting effect of turning the normally lay iTunes commenters into formal music critics: “Beast is a driven band with a heavy beat, very precise timing. Synths are subtle yet straight to the point, in that they incorporate the music to make it what it is, solid point blank syncopation.”

So there’s something about Beast that just inspires incoherence? And multiple do-it-yourself YouTube videos?

Next week’s prediction: Upper 40s, white, soulful