Downticket: Mixed Results, But Loony Refs Are Fading


Our local results are starting to come in. Looks like Councilman Anthony Como, a Republican who voted to keep term limits, may be getting them for himself. As usual, the Assembly and State Senate races are showing a lot of 90-percent-plus victories. Joe Addabbo just beat Serphin Maltese in an almost-close race, though.

Republican Chris Shays has served 10 terms as a Connecticut Congressman. He won’t have an 11th. He got creamed by Jim Himes, who runs an affordable-housing non-profit. Mike Todd calls it “the low point in the Republican Congressional defeat.” We consider it the high point in the Republican Congressional defeat.

South Dakota’s extreme abortion bill and Colorado’s “personhood” referendum look like losers too. Chris Matthews makes a good point about Ohio in 2004: that (aside from the stealing, of course) a Rovian social-issues referendum on the ballot was part of what won it for Bush in 2004. Guess the GOP ran out of yahoos to flummox — or maybe the non-yahoos were the ones getting excited. Wonder how this’ll work in California.