Election 2008: The Morning Line


PS 110, Greenpoint was humming at 7 a.m.; twenty-minute wait. Big lines at Miss Heather‘s polling place, too.

In Harlem the lines are “up the block.” “Down the block and around in corner,” said a voter in Crown Heights. “My god,” said a volunteer in Bensonhurst, “So busy for first thing in the morning.” In West Brighton, Staten Island, “hundreds” were on line before the polls opened.

Joe My God‘s commenters report similar scenes: “Just got a call from my sister. She lives in Dover, PA. You know, the town that tried to force the teaching of creationism in its schools… anyway, she called me from her polling place a little before 7am. She said she’s never seen anything like it. Over 300 people already in line, and more people are streaming in.” In Springfield, Virginia “By the time the polls opened at 0600 there were probably 300 people in line!” In Essex County, New Jersey “we arrived at 5:30am to find a line of a couple hundred people… when I left, there was still a line around the block.”

“More than 200 people in line” in Jackson Township, Pennsylvania. Also in PA: “lines of people began forming long before polling places across the [Lehigh] Valley opened.” A pre-dawn line in Matthews, North Carolina. “Lines are long, parking lot is full at Sycamore Baptist” in Springfield, Missouri.