Election Night Eating and Drinking (Plus Bonus Sex Toy)


Well kids, here we are at last. I’d like to say something hope-y, but I don’t want to jinx it, so let’s just talk about where to eat and drink while watching election returns, shall we?

NY Mag has a good guide here. In the spirit of fairness they even include the Young Republicans gathering. Crash it.

Metromix has a comprehensive list, with a Queens rundown that includes Bohemian Beer Garden’s free stand-up comedy.

Time Out sums up the big parties, and also lets us know that Little D, in Brooklyn, is having a luau in honor of Obama’s birthplace.

Eater compiles still more venues with drink specials et al, (including the option to “raise joyful voices” at Brooklyn’s Flatbush Farms) and includes a map.

Also! At Babeland, voters can get a free vibrator or “Maverick sleeve.” Whatever that is.

When the good news (hopefully) finally rolls in late tonight, grab your maverick sleeve and your bottle of Champagne and take to the streets.