Let’s Say Something Horrible To Sarah Palin!


We had baskets of fun last week with my post urging you all to say something nice to Sarah Palin, just for the gosh darned heck of it. A lot of you rallied and managed to dredge up some non-poisonous sentiments to give the lady as a parting gift back to her solar-heated igloo, and some of you even pretended that you meant it.

Well, that was then. I am now urging you to flip the rotting coin and totally speak your minds! I want you to–within reason–dig to the bottom of your souls and shoot a shitload of venom in her face, aiming it hard enough so that she flees back to munchkinland and never sets foot on continental soil again.

Let me start this big set of balls rolling:

You smell, Sarah Palin!

Woo hoo! How’s THAT for soothsaying! Can you top it?