LL Cool J: “Me and you, let’s go the truck stop salad bar”


Those desperate to pass time today might consider watching this LL Cool J interview. Hard to know what else to say about Pop Rocks, the one-time Blender property masterminded by Jim Deluca and former Blender employee Ryan Dombal (full disclosure: Ryan once acted this video out in full for me). Suffice to say that the second question is literally, “What kind of stuff do you put in your salad when you go to the salad bar?” and Dombal comes far, far closer than that to getting punched in the face by the famous loverman.

“If you’re asking me if I eat salad, yes I do. But I’m not a guy, like—I’m not over the top with salad. . .I eat steak too.”

Also recommended for the rest of your day: Their YouTube video page, on which Katy Perry calls Kermit the Frog “bisexual.”