Poll Probs: Strict Clock in VA, “Panthers” in PA, Liquor in ID


Virginians are voting in droves, but they’ll have to hurry: a federal judge has refused to extend voting hours despite enormous lines. Voters who are queued by 7 p.m. will be allowed to cast a ballot.

There have been some mechanical problems reported in Michigan, resulting in delays and recourse to paper ballots and “magic markers.” Lawsuits related to voting have been filed or announced in Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, and Indiana. In Connecticut, the Green Party says the write-in line its voters were forced to avail is too small.

Fox News claims “two Black Panthers” were intimidating voters in Philly (no word on intimidation by Mugwumps, Anti-Masonics or members of other defunct political groups). One of them was removed by police; the other “Panther” was a poll watcher. (Update: TPM says it’s bullshit. Figures.)

Good news in Idaho, though: this year the state lifted a 69-year-old ban on election day liquor sales.