Rightbloggers Increasingly Unhappy With Their Victory Celebration


Let’s see what our friends the rightbloggers are up to. How about RedState, the diehard get-out-the-vote site that’s been pimping the Democrats’ reliance on Black Panther muscle to win Pennsylvania? Ah, they’ve found another conspiracy: “Liberals Knew the Outcome in Advance.”

What, did they get it from spies? Sort of — apparently the Campaign for America’s Future actually listened to and believed the spin of the evil liberal media, which is still treason even if it turns out to be true. But RedState’s Cause will not be Lost forever: Liberals will “push the Democratic majorities in Congress to enact an extreme agenda. That will present an opportunity for Republicans.” Yeah — they’ve got us right where they want us.

Self-preservation expert Instapundit, after weeks of reliable spin (“remember how wrong the exit polls were in 2004”), began trimming early: “Has all the media hype raised expectations such that anything less than a blowout on Obama’s part will be a disappointment?” That man will never miss a meal.

Ace of Spades can’t believe Obama got Pennsylvania. “Eh, I remember Florida being called early by NBC eight years ago, too,” he says. Sleep tight with your memories, Ace.