Rightbloggers Not Enjoying Election Day


Watchman, what of the Right? The current mood: dour and retributive!

At National Review the rightbloggers trade optimistic emails. One correspondent says there were fewer black people at her polling place than in 2004, so “there’s still hope!!” Kathryn J. Lopez is so in need of affirmation that she sees McCain portents in… the West Village.

The Anchoress freeze-frames an Obama speech and, like a godly peasant sighting Jesus in a bowl of cornflakes, sees Obama giving McCain the finger, leading her unto a 783-word peroration, calling Obama “infantile,” “adolescent,” “immature,” praising Bush and Joe the Plumber, and predicting that if McCain wins we will see the “middle fingers fly fast and furious.”

Maggie Gallagher is aghast that opponents of California’s Proposition 8 aired an ad calling out the Mormons for supporting the gay-rights-snuffing referendum. “Blatant religious hatred,” she sniffs, “ugly in the extreme.” (For a look at what the other side is up to, see here.)

Grumpy Minnesota dad Jim Lileks is enraged that an elderly nun voted for Obama. “If you can’t trust a 106-year-old nun to be opposed pro-life,” he sputters, “then all bets are off.” Also that the bad guys in a Disney game look like businessmen (“My child no longer participates in Toontown”).

More insanity as it develops.