Uh-Oh: Race “Looking Like 2000 and 2004”


Not much to say during the mid-evening info-doldrums: Liddy Dole got canned in North Carolina, even after the sure-fire tactic of calling her opponent Kay Hagen “godless.” Now we’ll see if she moves back in with Viagra-gobbling husband Bob. We hope What Would Tyler Durden Do is watching! Also, John Sununu has lost his Senate seat to Jeanne Shaheen. Fortunately for him, he made some efforts to save his soul before his demise.

The commentariat are hinting shamelessly at an Obama victory, but so far none of the states are really surprises. They’re making a big deal about the states which are close that McCain should have macked, like Indiana and North Carolina, so far it’s Rust-Belt Obama, Deep South McCain. Now Chuck Todd is saying it’s “looking a lot like 2000 and 2004.” Guess we’ll have to wait for the lawsuits then. Keep HALP! alive.

Tom DeLay is telling Chris Matthews that the Democrats are going to rule Congress with an iron fust, and do a lot of damage: for example, they’ll “double the minimum wage in the first six months.” Well, Mitch McConnell will still be in the Senate to fight that terrifying event.