Wet Ballots for Some, Sour Grapes for Others


How’s the voting going? The Washington Post says things have smoothed out in Virginia, after an initial spate of incidents including rain-soaked ballots messing up the OptiScan machines. But it’s not peaches and cream out there: electronic voting machines have been a nuisance, and Marc Ambinder reports the wait at one Missouri poll was six-and-a-half hours. (More here.)

For Republicans this Election Day was always going to be a problem, and now they’re claiming widespread voter fraud — by and large, meaning that too many people are getting to vote. Others worry about election fraud, or too few people getting to vote. (In fact, Rachel Maddow calls long voter lines “the new poll tax” because so many voters can’t afford to wait.)

If the election’s close, this could be a problem, so let us hope it isn’t.