Considering the unabashed soul-shredding he does as frontwaif of Bright Eyes, it hardly seemed unreasonable to fear that Conor Oberst‘s recent self-titled solo disc would take the shape of an extra-large pool of navel-gazing diary drool. In fact, the dozen tunes on Conor Oberst—recorded earlier this year in Mexico with a Bright Eyes–like group dubbed the Mystic Valley Band—are among the singer-songwriter’s most assured; it’s almost startling to hear someone Oberst’s age making such effective use of ideas as seemingly worn out as those in “Lenders in the Temple.” Tonight, expect material from the solo album, as well as selections from the expansive Bright Eyes catalog. Opener Ben Kweller has a country record due out in January called Changing Horses. With Rig 1.

Nov. 8-9, 8 p.m., 2008