Katt Williams


It’s no secret that many actors aspire to rock stardom, but a great many of them have failed miserably, no matter how cool their tinsel aura (here’s looking at you, Russell Crowe and Johnny Depp). A few comics have transcended the ghettos of their followings to trump serious thespians at this game of aspiration, though: Britain’s Russell Brand is obviously at the head of the pack, but on the black-hand side, hip-hop fellow traveler Katt Williams has been making great strides in this arena during the Aughties, fraternizing with Snoop et al. Williams lacks the brilliance and finesse of legends like Richard Pryor, yet he commands more glamour and can draw more than the average rocker these days. Even if blinged-out chalices seem passé alongside Lil Jon, be sure to bring one to raise when Williams’ howl-a-minute, big-pimpin’ pageantry turns hallowed Carnegie Hall out. That is, erm, if he’s not gone down in a blaze of big-booty angels and fuselage.

Thu., Nov. 6, 8 p.m., 2008