Even though he’s making major loot through Nike deals and his own clothing line, you’ll still find Brooklyn-based graffiti artist KAWS (a/k/a Brian Donnelly) dressed in his signature black cap and T-shirt. Famous for his “X”-eyed cartoon characters, he’s made an international name for himself for imposing his street art and graphics onto consumer-culture products and reinterpreting them whichever way he pleases. Tonight is the kick-off of his latest exhibition at the Gering & López Gallery, which features his newest paintings and sculpture. Expect to see large-scale geometrically shaped chaotic works dripping in bold colors on acrylic canvas as well as monochromatic pieces that focus on lines and abstract emotional expressions. His other project is a little severed: A lineup of 33 life-sized bronze sculptures of his own head, colored in his own unique eye-popping way.

Nov. 6-Dec. 23, 2008