Lynn Yaeger: About Last Night…


Glorious as it was, engulfed in tears as we were, there are two distinct clouds besmirching the azure horizon — one gigantic, one not so big.

The big one: The apparent loss of the right to marry for all Americans in California. This sad, infuriating development is partially mitigated by the fact that gay marriage will almost certainly become a reality in New York State in the near future as a result of the Democratic victory in Albany. I know this to be the case since David Paterson himself assured me of it — ok, me and a ballroom full of other people — at the Empire State Pride Agenda fall gala at the Sheraton a few weeks ago.

The little one: Michelle’s dress. How unfair is it then men can wear the same old dark suit and never suffer the merest whiff of criticism and women get nailed to the cross for their choices? Must we join our voice to this rising chorus of idiocy? Alas, we must. There was nothing wrong with your TV set last night — that red and black Narciso Rodriguez monstrosity merely looked irradiated. Michelle, usually so flawless, took a wild chance on this one. And yes, it sucked. But on second thought — so what! Think how wonderful it will be to watch her fashion choices, as progressive as her husband’s politics, over the next four years.

God bless Seventh Avenue, and God bless America.