Since the nation’s been all abuzz about an entrepreneur named Joe, audience reception should be good for Roundabout’s revival of Pal Joey, the 1940 Rodgers & Hart musical about a guy trying to score enough dough to own a nightclub. Like Joe the Plumber, Joe the Clubber has also dabbled in a singing career. But where one latched on to a presidential candidate, the other latches on to a well-off socialite played by the fabulous Stockard Channing. The classical theater powerhouse Martha Plimpton makes her Broadway musical debut as Gladys Bumps, a chorus girl who sets out to take Joey down. Though we can’t wait to see what Plimpton and her incredible acting chops make of the comic role, it’s Channing’s anticipated rendition of “Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered” that’ll surely stop the show.

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