This leg of the Drive-By Truckers’ nigh never-ending tour sports the moniker “Rock and Roll Means Well,” sourced from one of lead guitarist Cooley’s finest songs, “Marry Me.” In their long years of playing together, ‘The Stroker Ace’ and DBT front man Patterson Hood have certainly pondered and unflinchingly explored all the right and wrong ways the truth of that statement abides. Rock & roll possesses these men’s souls to a degree, and they’ve long since immolated themselves upon its bloody altar. Joining the revival, local classic rockin’ heroes (via the Twin Cities) the Hold Steady are making good on bandleader Craig Finn’s inspiration from bearing witness during DBT’s Southern Rock Opera run. The live meshing of Finn’s dense lyrical bent with all the complex characters and emotional sojourns of Hood’s oeuvre will elicit even more ecstatic, instantaneous praise from the expanding Amen Choir that jes’ can’t leave none of these boys alone.

Nov. 6-7, 8 p.m., 2008