Billy Corgan couldn’t have looked more bored than he did playing playing the new Smashing Pumpkins single “G.L.O.W.” on the Jimmy Kimmel show last month. It’s a profoundly dour song, though it’s unlikely anyone will wonder about Corgan’s motivations too intensely: The song was recorded exclusively for “Guitar Hero World Tour.” (And given that, it’s not even that complicated.) Mainly, it’s an awareness generator—Smashing Pumpkins are celebrating their 20th anniversary, even if only Corgan and drummer Jimmy Chamberlain have survived from the original lineup to this tour, and even if it’s been a decade since the band made an album worthy of Corgan’s self-assuredness. Tonight, the second of this two-night stand, he has said, will be “lighter and transcendental”; the first will be “darker and heavier.” Both will be a little precious, probably.

Nov. 6-7, 8 p.m., 2008