The Demographics of the Proposition 8 Vote


Proposition 8–which aimed to ban gay marriage in California–was headed towards a “narrow defeat” according to CNN’s website. One reason for the close vote, the L.A. Times reported, is that exit polls showed most blacks interviewed supported the measure! So on a historic night when we all rallied to appoint the first African American President while helping raise people of color out of centuries of oppression, some blacks were using their clout to stop the queers from wedding? How weird! But the truth is there’s always been animosity between minority groups, some of them resenting other ones as everyone fights for a piece of the American pie. It seems that some people feel their oppression is far more deserved than others’. That’s just the American way, I guess.

In any case, the proposition–which set out to undo a social advance–is a horrible precedent. Should we also repeal womens’ right to vote while we’re at it? (Yeah–if they voted in favor of Proposition 8!).