As a photographer, the prolific Cindy Sherman has never been without a subject. Sherman’s notoriety stems from 30 years of acting as her own model (and make-up artist, hairstylist, wardrobe mistress, and director). Her images range from black-and-white film stills (she also directed the 1997 film Office Killer), to lively and exaggerated conceptual portraits that capture myriad emotions (caution, fright, confusion), to a unique flair for fashion (you’ve likely seen her collaborations with photographer Juergen Teller in ads for Marc Jacobs). This exhibition, opening tonight, marks her first since 2004 and continues her exploration into the way we perceive beauty, aging, and self-image.

Tuesdays-Saturdays, 10 a.m. Starts: Nov. 15. Continues through Dec. 23, 2008