Where’s the Yachting News?


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December 22, 1960, Vol. VI, No. 8


Dear Sir:

Un-Voiced Thoughts: I love Bill Manville, but finding out that he’s a chief copywriter is like learning that Robert Frost spent his childhood in Texas. over a period of Voice years, I’ve become fond of Everybody’s Little Brother, John Wilcock. If it is true as ol’ Shep says – as most things are – that the recent Voice survey showed its subscribers were more affluent than those of the Times, does this mean we will be barraged with more coy liquor and fly-to-Japan ads in addition to a column called Yachting News?

Jerry Tallmer’s comments have always been trenchant, and now since Brooks has retired, I have come to depend on his reviews more than I ever did Mr. A’s. Mekas’s only contribution to movies would be the Mound bars and popcorn he consumes during a run. Feiffer’s dogs are as good as Thurber’s, and how can anyone be so consistently good for so long a time? All right now, make those press agents pay for ads like anyone else instead of sneaking them into the Press of Freedom and Ltoed’s. — Eleanor Marshall Hyde, West 103rd Street

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