There’s a certain strain of X-heads, particularly of the rockcrit bent, that consider every latter-day solo project of that band’s frontman, John Doe, a snooze and washout. Yet they are woefully wrong. Yes, it never hurts his draw that younger, post-punk generations have become clued in to Doe primarily via the eclectic appearance of his oh-so-handsome visage at the cinema. But few recent artists, in or out of his genre, have had as great a run as Doe’s between 2002’s Dim Stars, Bright Sky and last year’s A Year in the Wilderness. The meeting of his intimate verses with flights of keening voice makes this concert a must-see. And, hey, there’s sumptin’ for the boys, too, since Canadian country-rocker Kathleen Edwards is riding shotgun on this tour. Edwards dropped her stellar Asking for Flowers not too long ago, and thus should be in rare form.

Fri., Nov. 7, 8:30 p.m., 2008