Lehman’s Fuld Out, Will Not Get Severance, Bonus


Rat-faced Lehman Brothers boss Richard Fuld has been “terminated” by the company “without cause” (!) and without severance or a bonus, says Bloomberg News, though he will continue to chair the Lehman Board. No word about his right to use the former Lehman Gym. Last year Fuld’s bonus was $34.4 million. We hope he sues for the money; those will be some amusing court papers.

Also, the State Comptroller will oversee the bankrupt Lehman’s assets, and has directed that none of its management be “directing any investigation into what led Lehman to its historic collapse.”

Take a peek at how Lehman conned and coerced cash and houses out of its third-party clients in Graham Rayman’s excellent article. More Fuld fun here and here.