Obama Presidency Already a Disaster


“Politics as Usual, or Fresh Start?” asks the New York Times about Obama’s choice for Chief of Staff (which “Democrats are second-guessing”) of Rahm Emanuel, whom the Times calls “one of the capital’s most in-your-face partisan actors,” thereby proving that Obama’s bipartisanship is a fraud (further proof: “House Republicans are said to hate Mr. Emanuel for his partisanship”). Also, Obama’s 7 million vote margin is “no mandate,” says veteran columnist Bob Novak (the mandate bar is apparently higher for black Presidents).

“Look for growth in the hate-crime industry” under Obama, says Jules Crittenden, apparently referring to the Fairness Doctrine, which has not been proposed by Obama but which National Review has nonetheless pledged to start fighting now.

Though not yet inaugurated, Obama is being “tested” by Russian missile deployment, per National Review (“It would appear that Russia has already decided that Obama is, basically, Carter II,” says Federal Review.) Also, “BUYER’S REMORSE: STOCKS FALL BY BIGGEST AMOUNT IN ANY POST-ELECTION DAY – EVER!” In a rare switch to lower case, The Astute Bloggers suggest that “investors have figured out that more socialism isn’t going to stimulate much of anything except more dependency.”

A conservative summit planning to take back the White House, featuring such luminaries as Christine Todd Whitman, has been convened, and Impeach Obama sites have already turned up on Facebook. Given almost-President Obama’s record of predicted failure, can you blame them?