Posters on Cop Board Offer Thoughts on Obama Victory


One local group not sharing the Obama afterglow: the cops and cop fans of Thee Rant. After following election night closely (“Pennsylvania for the messiah, I hope your coal industry shuts down within two weeks of this lying azzhole getting in”), some offered historical analysis (“Historians will look back and mark this time as the point America started its decline”), while others counseled tolerance (“Don’t blame the blacks for him getting elected… Blame the whites who voted for him”).

Posters speculated on the mindset of the electorate (“a bunch of spineless puzzies who don’t have the stomach for the fight for survival”) and makeup of Obama’s cabinet (“FLAVOR FLAV TO BE OBAMA’S SECRETARY OF DEFENSE…NIPSY RUSSEL TO BE SECRETARY OF STATE”). A few parsed Obama’s victory speech (“he probably was doing lines back stage before the big show,” “‘Holy mackrel there! I be the head muckety muck‘”).

The day after, some Ranters were flying their flags at half-mast. Others looked forward to the Inaugural Parade (“Oprah can be her own float,” “It just may rival the West Indian Day parade”).

Poster ALEX470 congratulated his Italian-American colleagues: “This country has finally elected a President whose last name ends in a vowel!”