Show Biz Couples Don’t Work!


Meryl Streep tends to work a lot–and so does her marriage! And no doubt that’s because her husband happens to be a sculptor, not another show biz type who’s competing with her for Oscar nominations or wondering who the phone is for every time it rings with a job offer.

What I’m getting at is that when two actors get together, it never lasts! (I’m excepting Paul and Joanne because he’s gone now. And yes, I know about Kevin and Kyra, Susan and Tim, Goldie and Kurt, and the Hankses. That’s four, OK?)

Even if a show biz duo LASTS, it doesn’t last! Eventually, the coupling implodes since any relationship is based on a very delicate balance of power and when both parties are involved in a competitive struggle for parts and attention, things get ugly on the way to a very unhappy Hollywood ending. I could have told you that, Sienna Miller and fill in the blank!

So actors, please go your separate ways at the end of the filming day. Don’t strive for the cliched inevitability of a tabloid romance. That kind of thing is generallly even more fragile than a star’s first attempt at directing. In fact, I’m counting the moments until Reese and Jake announce they’re splitsville. I’ll be devastated–ripping my hair out and banging my head against the wall, in fact–but hardly surprised.

Hey, wait, I just remembered that Jake’s sister Maggie and Peter Sarsgaard have clicked as a unit. Any other strong, famous couples out there?