Spitzer Gets Off! No Charges for Fallen Gov


As Attorney General, Eliot Spitzer made many a white-collar miscreant feel the hot breath of the law on his neck, but he apparently won’t feel it himself (at least not from the Feds): the serial user of prostitutes has escaped criminal charges in the Emperors’ Club V.I.P. case, per an finding of “insufficient evidence” by U.S. Attorney Michael J. Garcia. Besides the Mann Act angle, prosecutors were looking at the former Governor’s shifting of funds in financing his habit, which led to discovery of his whoring and his downfall but apparently did not involve any state funds nor, in the U.S. Attorney’s view, any attempt to conceal an illegal transaction. Theoretically Spitzer could face solicitation charges in D.C., but even less exalted johns are rarely prosecuted in such cases.

Ashley Alexandra Dupre’s lawyer tells the New York Times that the former sex worker “is pleased that this matter is behind her.”

So it looks like everything has gone as smoothly as expected, and we must wait for the John Grisham novel to inform us whose specific political vendetta was responsible for this whole business.