The Week of Obama Odes. Plus, Kool Keith, Still Batshit and Pervy


Sound of the City roots for the blue home team. So does Impose Magazine’s Jeremy Krinsley.

Obviously, this was the week of the many Obama Odes. Presumably Big and Rich has been taking the last few days off. For the record, this is still where my head is.

Jay-Z premiered his ode to O, “History,” Nas records a song for election night (while Green Lantern tried to illuminate Nas’s “Black President”), and recorded his third (in between beaming in to CNN, presumably).

Moving on, Young Jeezy performed his “My President is Black” on Carson Daily. Russell Simmons chimed in, and Target threw a release party for Q-Tip, who also spent election day signing records.

While all this exuberant tribute poured from New York hip hop and beyond, the Obama campaign actually went out of its way to make sure that the figureheads of that movement would not be caught on camera during Obama’s acceptance speech.

Maybe they were looking to avoid mass hysteria that other places had to reckon with. Maybe they were just being wankers. Oprah was there, after all.

Pharoah Monche kept the whole Obamanity in perspective with the release of a very raw video for his song “Welcome to the Terrorome,” taking on the establishment like a normal, angry rapper does, by implying the power structure is a monster that the powers that be can’t rattle. Mr. Lif didn’t want to go down the tribute road because it’d tie his album down if Mr. Obama lost.

And, in this culture of hope-filled hip hop, the Zulu Nation, the originators of Bronx-based positive vibes, are proving to have very good timing, as their 35th anniversary celebrations set to go down in New York, London and Paris, today and continue on until next Friday.

And while it was hard, it seems, for anyone to remain completely apolitical this week, in the spirit of absolute whatever-ness, Kool Keith put out the dirtiest video about dairy products since Kelis did that thing about malts.


Remember when we got dressed up in stupid disguises, dumped stage blood on perfectly nice white t-shirts, and got wasted for fear that it would be the best day of a miserable, miserable, week in which that stage blood wasn’t the only thing running red? Probably not, since it didn’t happen! Anyway. Danbro Warehouse, the new Market Hotel, hosted a massive blowout, while the West Village parade proceeded.

As if they tried to pick a week where we couldn’t care less, NME put out its hilariously inane codification of the bland and benign with its Cool List, a hierarchy with about as much excitement as a dainty watercress sandwich. Locals who made the list: Karen O, Dave Sitek, Santogold, Will Roan from Amazing Baby, MGMT’s Andrew VanWyngarden, and more.

Thurston Moore was hopefully paid $1 million to cover the Ramones on Gossip Girls.

Ohmega Watts put out a video hilariously in the KMD/MF DOOM continuum. Walking, talking food included.

Ghostface has a new song.

50 Cent’s new album is pushed back a week, maybe.

The whitest bands you know like Obama, too.

Bad Brains’ HR performed for the release of his album.

Gang Gang Dance was filmed live in Paris.

Aesop Rock (who specifically requested rock musicians for his appearance at the McCarren Park Pool show this summer) did a Daytrotter Session.