Bloomberg Ushers in New Socialist Era with “Bag Tax”


The New York Times reports the thin end of the socialist wedge is coming to New York, but not from socialist President Obama: it’s socialist millionaire Mike Bloomberg’s idea to redistribute food shoppers’ wealth by forcing them to pay a six-cent “bag tax” on every plastic bag they receive at the end of the block-long lines at government stores like Whole Foods and Waldbaum’s. If he can ram this through the CominternCity Council, the People’s Republic of New York will receive five cents per bag, with a penny going to the shopkeepers to keep them from blabbing about it to reporters from the West. This sort of thing is already being done in social democracies such as Ireland and is being considered in Seattle, Los Angeles and Dallas, where 60s radicals live. Bloomberg says it will be good for the environment, which is code for socialism.