The ‘Out 100’ LGBT Heroes!


Every year, Out magazine presents a list of the 100 gays who made this world a better place (The OUT gays, that is. The closeted ones don’t always help things along too much.) Well, the Out website is presenting a tantalizing hint of who some of the chosen folks are this year, and naturally my old pal Rachel Maddow is high atop the list. The MSNBC star is a classy, smart, lesbian commentator–and it was actually right here on this blog that you first read that she was probably maybe definitely going to get her own show. (God, I hate when columnists remind readers “You read it here first,” but it always seems so irresistible to do that when the situation arises. It gives me a rush not felt since the days of Suzy!)

Anyway, check out the names and see who YOU feel deserves placement. And don’t say me! I work for Out and I am quite positive that’s the only reason I didn’t place! Again!