TV Gay Characters Keep Disappearing!


Last week I taped a segment for Logo channel’s news show whereby Itay Hod quizzed me about how TV seems to have a full plate of gay characters these days, but as I put it, “a lot of times they end up dropping through some trap door for gay characters, never to be heard from again.” Networks get queasy, I added, and after introducing the gays to scare up some buzz, they often chicken out and reduce them to window dressing or, worse, to total oblivion. But I pointed out that Grey’s Anatomy is one of the few shows that seems to stick with its gays and even gives them a central storyline that’s integral to the show’s dramatic tapestry. You could practically call it GAY’S Anatomy.

Well, three days later, the show’s anatomy changed when they announced they were axing Brooke Smith, whose doctor character is lovers with Dr Calliope ‘Callie’ Torres (played by Tony winner Sara Ramirez)! One less homosexual for the masses to learn from!

The show’s creator swears the character’s lesbianism had nothing to do with the dismissal–and besides, Calliope will still be a full-time lesbo. But we’ll be watching to see just HOW lesbo she’ll be without a love interest! By “we,” of course, I mean you. Right now I’M going to fall through a trap door and never watch TV again.