Week in Review: A Long Time Coming


In the week a mob stormed the White House out of joy, not rage, we watched the political weather, both pre- and post-: Toni Morrison, EYE, Rob Harvilla, Greil Marcus, Roger Angell, etc.

Mr. Lif also weighed in: “Speaking about the past, future and present, I’ve run into some tricky ground. For instance, Nov 4. I have to have a song coming out on Election Day. But the song has to be passed in three weeks before Nov 4. So I have to do a big-time guessing game as to the outcome of the election: is McCain gonna win? Is Obama gonna win?”

No such doubt at the Drive-By Truckers/Hold Steady extravaganza. Or, for that matter, at McCain’s defeat rally. David Byrne and Oneida played too, but that was before the election, so who cared?

But basically, who could think? Hence Disney’s Creepiest Sexy Animated Female Leads Awards, a sexy, scary, and often naked Asia Argento and, uh, 27 Dresses.

Grudgingly, we looked forward: at Bolaño’s 2666, at Watching the Watchmen and the Joker, at Aleksandra Mir at Mary Boone. But really, all anyone wanted to do—fuck it, wants to do—is celebrate. Whaddya say, me and you, let’s go to the truck stop salad bar?