Decemberists’ “Obama Worship Service” Annoys Reviewer


New York’s Obamamania persists, especially among the musicians who play here. This can be annoying to the non-believers in the audience. Alisa Harris, conservative-leaning critic for Patrol, took in the Decemberists’ Terminal 5 show last Wednesday, and today recalls mostly the grating political patter. While Harris goes to Decemberists shows for their “gleeful sense of the macabre,” Colin Meloy and his comrades kept talking about the election, proclaiming “It’s a new dawn, a new day,” making lame Sarah Palin jokes, passing around a cardboard effigy of the President-elect, etc. The crowd chanted “Yes We Can!” at the end, and there went Harris’ last nerve. “Haven’t these people ever believed in someone before?” Harris asks. “I don’t have faith in Obama. I don’t really believe in ‘change.’ I don’t believe in a new dawn or a new day on this earth.” Oh well, there’s always David Allen Coe.

In related news, MSNBC has just extended Keith Olbermann’s contract.