Hot New Depression Trend: Buying On Time!


amNY‘s Urbanite reveals that, since our economy went into the crapper, many shoppers are buying things on layaway. For our readers under the age of 50: that’s like buying something on credit — except (upside) you don’t pay interest, and (downside) you don’t get the item until it’s paid off. You can get this amazing deal at Chelsea’s Burlington Coat Factory, where Urbanite caught up with Joshua Juarbe of Queens, who “put down $26 and is on his way to owning a blazer.” The Los Angeles Times says you can even do layaway online, but cautions you to mind the cancellation fees; the Palm Beach Post says Kmart has started actively pitching layaway in its ads. Next big things: Christmas Club, Green Stamps, and bare-knuckle boxing for extra cash.