New ‘Fusion’ Korean on St. Mark’s


Bon Chon Chicken, now available in the East Village, hooray

Boka joined the St. Mark’s Place yakitori and noodle row about a month and a half ago. It’s owned by a Korean family (so says the very hurried woman who answers the phone and then hangs up on all other questions), but calls itself fusion Korean. The fusion seems to be taken care of by Japanese-style sushi, and a bi bim bop featuring mozzarella cheese.

Boka peddles in hearty standards like bi bim bop (hot or cold, various toppings available), rice cake, bulgogi and Korean rice balls. They also serve Bon Chon Chicken—the crackly, crispy, spicy Korean fried chicken that has a branch in Koreatown—which makes me an instant fan.

We stopped by for lunch, and had a spicy pork bi bam bap ($14)—very tasty in a standard sort of way.

And we also had a small plate of the Bon Chon chicken ($7), which is like crack, only much, much better.

9 Saint Mark’s Place