Advocate Squeezes Obama for Legislation, 3-Legged Dog


If you’ve ever wondered where this adorable/ridiculous picture of Obama that frequently appears on popular websites comes from, a new press release reminds us that the President-elect promised dog adoption crusader Jana Kohl he would get that shelter dog he was talking about in his recent news conference. Baby, the pictured pooch, is a three-legged maltreatment survivor who “spends her time advocating for other abused dogs and animals.” Kohl reminds us that Baby is “hypoallergenic” — which would seem to refer to Obama’s claim that his daughter’s allergy limits their choice. Clearly the caninitarian is pimping Baby or someone like her for the White House. Kohl also refers to “Baby’s Bill,” a related piece of legislation that “will be voted upon in the next Congressional session.” If he cares what dog-lovers think, the Obama machine better push this one through fast, or it’ll be the broken promise that sinks his Administration.