Before ‘Carjacking’ Was A Word


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January 19, 1961, Vol. VI, No. 13

Auto Mayhem

A 30-year-old alleged former mental patient last Saturday afternoon set off a series of accidents that created general mayhem in the west Village. The trouble started when Al Kanner, of West 74th Street, jumped into a Pontiac sedan moving slowly along West 11th Street and started to evict Dr. Thomas Sinatra from the driver’s seat.

In the course of the struggle the vehicle launched into the intersection of Seventh Avenue and West 11th Street. The big car smashed into the rear of a Volkswagen, careened into another Volkswagen, and then crossed the avenue and crashed full-tilt into a line of parked cars on West 11th Street.

A St. Vincent’s nurse was on the point of entering a Plymouth Valiant when it was hit by the Pontiac. Her car was completely demolished. Four other cars sustained varying degrees of damage.

The perpetrator of the action was seized by passing firemen who were driving by in a chief’s car. He was later sent to Bellevue Hospital for examination.

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