Stop Blaming Sarah Palin!


As the Republicans scramble to deal with the death blow of the recent election, all their focus in the last week has been on how Sarah Palin was the root of the party’s public demise. And she was! But even with a more seasoned running mate, McCain would have crumbled in defeat since there was such an overwhelming groundswell against Dubya and anyone even remotely redolent of his policies. McCain simply would have lost by a smaller margin!

Furthermore, though Palin was indeed a disgrace (albeit a very good celebrity), she didn’t exactly step up and grab the job with her painted talons. Yes, she lobbied for it, but still, she was apparently chosen and fully approved! McCain’s team handpicked her, clearly without looking hard enough into her background, her expertise, or whether she knows that Africa is a continent (or if McCain is IN-continent, ba dum pum). So stop blaming my pal Sarah. She fucked you guys over–but only on your twisted invitation!